Saturday, September 13, 2008


On shelves now, the August issue of Snowboard Canada, with a cover shot for Matt Belzile, on location at Gulmarg, Kashmir, India. An excellent, detailed article is available to readers of the magazine, but sadly, is not available online. To my knowledge this is the first feature on Gulmarg for a snowboard magazine in North America. Kudos!

SBC is a great magazine that too few American riders recognize; it is hard to find on sale in the US. If this trip had been covered by the SoCal press it might have been reduced to six, two-sentence paragraphs of xenophobic kerfuffle and a "Drunken' Go Nuts" episode. Instead, Gulmarg is fairly represented and readers get a deeper understanding of the trip to this extraordinary place. Highly recommended reading. 

The SBC cover shot of Belzile is the work of John Scarth, in Gulmarg with Carlo Wein as part of the Alterna Films crew. There is a sequence shot from a different angle at this photoset from Griff & Smith, Provisioners and Local Source of Delirium. The SBC story on Gulmarg coincides with the release of their latest DVD; check out Knockout! - The Alterna Films Trailer, or press play below.

Alterna Films crew were our neighbors at the Hotel Alpine Ridge in Gulmarg, home of "360-degree monkeys" - Read about our dirtbag life in related posts at Gulmarg '07/08.